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I woke up with no pain for the first time in years! Not in my shoulders, back or feet. (C.W., New York)

After one session with Trinfinity I have been deeply sleeping through the night without any bladder problems. (N.S., London)

Thank you my dear for making me feel like 20 years old. I am not feeling heavy, no foot pain, sinuses are better, I can run easier, walk up the stairs faster, feel lots of energy and very happy. You are an angel. I would like to continue this treatment. (Cornelia)

I used the T8 on my face and the inflammation from my bug bite completely disappeared. (K.J., Chicago)

Amazing, after four 12 minute sessions with the Trinfinity, all the wrinkles on my neck disappeared.

Before I began my first Trinfinity session I was desperate, I had almost given up all hope… I trusted my Doctor when she offered me the opportunity to try this new quantum technology. It seemed a bit “out there” but I had nothing to lose. I was in extreme pain from fibromyalgia and a rare form of lupus where I was making antibodies against my own brain and heart in addition to having flare-ups of severely swollen joints. My energy level had declined so dramatically and my pain levels were almost unbearable. I had come to the conclusion that I was dying and had little time left. I was placed on a personalized program that lasted 72 minutes. I lay down on the floor as my energy was so low, put on the headphones and held the crystals in my hands. At some point I fell asleep, still holding onto the crystals. When I awoke the program was over and I got up off the floor only to realize that my fibromyalgia pain was gone…. I had more energy and I felt vibrant. I didn’t feel like I was dying. I returned for 7 more sessions twice a week. My immunologist couldn’t believe how well I was doing! I was still pain-free.

During the last 2 sessions I asked for a program to be added for 6 minutes to give me an eyelift, as I had severely drooping eyelids that made it difficult to see at times without using my fingers to hold my eyelids open. I was amazed to see immediate results and I no longer had to assist my eyes with opening in order to drive my car! I am a believer now in the Trinfinity! (J.S., North Carolina)

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