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Trinfinity8 is a Bio-Energetic System that rejuvenates and heals your body, mind and spirit. This “software with a soul” harnesses the power of quantum physics; and delivers it directly to your cells through healing mathematical algorithms. Trinfinity8′s rejuvenation and anti-aging technology transports you to a powerful, peaceful dimensional healing place, raising your vitality and radiance to more vibrant levels, allowing you to become your best self.

Shift Tools

Shift Your Life Videos, Books, Meditation CDs and Healing Instructional DVDs teach you easy-to-use tools and techniques to empower you to step out of your limiting fear-based patterns to create a vital life (physically, emotionally and in your relationships).

Earthing Mats

Are you looking for a non-prescription solution for chronic pain, inflammation, poor sleep or fatigue? Mother Earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons that we can tap in to and use as natural anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. In our modern lives we can't always be outside and barefoot, but fortunately there are grounding mats, bedding and other products that use new technologies to provide this electrical “antioxidant” connection to the Earth in a convenient and practical way.